cubeonCubeon (Q-be-on) Pitts, is the exceptional, transformational and inspirational leader and Founder of Cubeon International. She experienced God’s presence early in life, as she was impressed to stop “doing church” and “be the church” – so began her thirst to develop a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. In the recent years, she has witnessed monumental changes in her life that have morphed her into becoming a force for the kingdom of God to be reckoned with. She sums up the metamorphosis that has taken place in her life as, “I was broken but God, pieced me back together with His anointing.” For Cubeon, these words were the consistent theme that has been instrumental in stripping and rebuilding her.

Rebuilding was necessary because she had to overcome the death of her mother and best friend who took her own life on August 29, 2010, a day that forever changed her. Ironically, her mother’s suicide was the catalyst Cubeon needed that caused a chain reaction of life-altering events and transformed her into the fearless person she is today. The unfortunate situation drew her closer to God, because she wanted revenge on the enemy and refused to allow her pain or her mother’s pain from enduring years of physical and emotional abuse, to be in vain. To counter-attack the enemy, instead of internalizing the anger she felt, she accepted the calling God had on her life which was to help free others from bondage through her spiritual gifts of giving, leadership, exhortation and prophesy, thus Cubeon International was birthed. As homage to her mother, she also became an advocate for suicide and domestic violence prevention and has been a sought after speaker.

The foundational scripture for Cubeon’s internal call to action is Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Her emphasis is Kingdom Building – empowering people with renewed mindsets that enable them to break-free from cycles of bondage, impoverished thinking, low self-esteem and fear. Cubeon recognizes that she had to be broken in order to be rebuilt with the anointing. It is her passion and life’s mission to help others get through the painful process of restoration and emotional healing. Through her own emotional healing, Cubeon has shed over 145 pounds. She believes miracles really do happen as she was also healed of Lupus and a debilitating bone abnormality!

Full of hope, Cubeon pressed on to build the life she always wanted. As the quintessential woman, Cubeon is the CEO of Divine Pleasures, a traveling-online lingerie boutique, whose mission is to restore the beauty in Kingdom romance.

Cubeon is currently matriculating at Piedmont International University pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Leadership. She resides in Huntsville, Alabama and in her spare time, this true renaissance woman can be found traveling, running and enjoying her dog Jellie-Bean. Although life has thrown her many curve balls and disappointments, Cubeon has demonstrated that through steadfastness, tenacity and unshakable faith in God, she is an overcomer and will continue to unleash all that is in her for the world to see – one soul at a time! She has proven relentlessly that: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him (I Corinthians 2:9)!”