Saturday, November 16, 2019

$2.36 on Pump 6 Please

I have this habit… EVERY single time I fill up my gas tank I say, “Thank you God for a full tank of gas.”

A full tank of gas was a luxury I couldn’t afford. “Hi, I’d like $2.36 on pump 6 please. It was embarrassing at first. However, I knew I wouldn’t stay in that place so I began to hold my head up and hand them my exact change. I’d pump my gas for all of 30 seconds and get in the car praying the gas needle would move to the right a little more. Some days I’d swipe my credit card and pray it would be approved.

In those days I had to plan my trips carefully, because I couldn’t afford to drive across town several times. I prayed for those days to end. I hated it.

I remember when I finally landed a better paying job and I was able to fill my entire gas tank. No one was staring at me for only putting gas in my car for a few seconds. I didn’t have to stand by the pump anxiously watching the meter to make sure it didn’t go over the few dollars of gas I could afford. It was a great feeling. I stood there proudly as my gas tank filled and said out loud, “Thank you God for a full tank of gas.”

It’s been years and to this day I thank God for a full tank of gas every single time I fill up.

Pain and struggle are good memorable teachers.
Pain and struggle teach gratefulness, humbleness, and compassion towards others.

Had I not dealt with this struggle AND stayed in the struggle as long as I did I wouldn’t be grateful for something so simple as a full tank of gas.

God doesn’t put us in hard situations, but He allows them to prune us and grow us. I’m not grateful for the pain, but I am grateful for the lesson.

We all encounter struggles. Whatever your struggle is allow it to make you better, not bitter. There’s a time and season for everything under the sun. Although it may seem like you’ll never get out of your struggle, YOU WILL. Remember, nothing lasts forever.

I have 2 questions for you:
1. What has your struggle taught you?
2. Is your struggle making you better or bitter?


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